31 March 2011

ATOM and RSS Feeds Fixed

Yeah, my bad.  Again.
Apparently, the last amazing adjustment I made to the RSS and ATOM feed settings at FeedBurner.com didn't take well.  I have adjusted them yet again, and they appear to be functioning correctly, this time.  Sorry I was not aware of the issue, as I don't see a need to subscribe to my own blog.

Go ahead... try clicking the ATOM and.or RSS icons, in the sidebar.  They really, really work.  (For real!)

24 March 2011

Active Directory Properties for C#

I compiled the following list of Active Directory properties, while developing a solution. This list is more comprehensive than those I found on the InterWebs.

Please submit suggestions for additions to this list, via the comment block, below!  Code thrives on community feedback. (Code is posted after the jump break...)