11 August 2011

Pex and Moles DevExpress CodeRush Templates

CodeRush Xpress (or with RefactorPro), from DevExpress, is probably the most useful and well-built IDE add-ons I have ever used. The templates are extremely useful, especially when you can modify them and create your own. Here are a few templates that I have created for Pex and Moles.

NOTE: These templates are for the Microsoft Test Framework, and will not work when in an NUnit project.  The template shortcut is highlighted in yellow, followed by a description and an example of its output.

How to Clear DevExpress CodeRush Assembly and Solution Cache

My employer has been wrestling with a juggernaut-class ASP.NET application, complete with an intermediary framework, that is a port of the soon-to-be-retired mainframe.  This is a colossal, 4GB monster with procedural C# files, frequently exceeding 30,000 lines.  Needless to say, CodeRush gets pretty busy, when we get a new revision from the external conversion company, every 2 weeks.

With 25GB of cache data, CodeRush really starts to drag down performance; WAY more cache data than most developers dreamed of.  Blowing the cobwebs out of DevExpress CodeRush cache every month or two helps keep things humming along nicely, around the office.

There are a few ways to clear out the assembly cache and solution cache: