11 August 2011

How to Clear DevExpress CodeRush Assembly and Solution Cache

My employer has been wrestling with a juggernaut-class ASP.NET application, complete with an intermediary framework, that is a port of the soon-to-be-retired mainframe.  This is a colossal, 4GB monster with procedural C# files, frequently exceeding 30,000 lines.  Needless to say, CodeRush gets pretty busy, when we get a new revision from the external conversion company, every 2 weeks.

With 25GB of cache data, CodeRush really starts to drag down performance; WAY more cache data than most developers dreamed of.  Blowing the cobwebs out of DevExpress CodeRush cache every month or two helps keep things humming along nicely, around the office.

There are a few ways to clear out the assembly cache and solution cache:

Try methods at the top of the list, first, and then work your way down. Solutions for older versions of CodeRush fall to the bottom of the list.

  1. Use the DXCore Visualize toolbar:
    1. Launch Visual Studio
    2. Right click the toolbar area of Visual Studio; the context menu appears
    3. If the DXCore Visualize item is not checked, click it
    4. Dismiss the context menu
    5. Click the Clear Solution Cache button in the DXCore Visualize toolbar
  2. Manually delete all contents of Windows directories:
    1. %AppData%\CodeRush for VS .NET\1.1\AssemblyCache
    2. %AppData%\CodeRush for VS .NET\1.1\SolutionCache
  3. For older versions of CodeRush, use the Clear Project Cache command, in the Visual Studio IDE
    1. Open the Options dialog by select menu item:  DevExpress > Options...
    2. In the left window pane, select tree menu node: IDE > Shortcuts
    3. In the main (center) window pane, right-click the DXCore folder in the tree menu-- the context menu appears
    4. In the context menu, select, New Keyboard Shortcut -- a new, DXCore child tree node appears, and the Key 1 text box is focused, in the right window pane
    5. Press a key combination of your choosing -- I used Shift+Alt+D, Shift+Alt+C
    6. In the Command combo box, select Clear Project Cache
    7. Click the OK button -- the Options dialog closes
    8. Press the key combination you selected, to clear the project cache, on demand

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