30 November 2010

ATOM and RSS Feeds Available

The Curly Brace is now syndicated through Feed Burner, with both ATOM and RSS feeds available.  My public Twitter account is also available, just in case you want to be bored by the details of my life.

29 November 2010

The Importance of Pet Projects

photo by Stephane Mahe, Reuters
Pet projects are important.  Really important.  There is no way to keep your technical edge in the workplace, without researching and practicing in other areas of the .NET Framework, based on day to day work exposure, alone.

16 November 2010

Extract Files From ISO Images Without Additional Software

I decided to write reports for SQL Reporting Services.  They are fast, look great, and are oh-so-easy to access via the Web interface.  However, I discovered that Visual Studio versions must be paired to the SQL Server version.  I needed to install Visual Studio 2005, but had only the .ISO CD-ROM image available, and was unable to install software to extract the files.