30 November 2010

ATOM and RSS Feeds Available

The Curly Brace is now syndicated through Feed Burner, with both ATOM and RSS feeds available.  My public Twitter account is also available, just in case you want to be bored by the details of my life.

ATOMSubscribe to ATOM
RSSSubscribe to RSS
TwitterFollow me on Twitter
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UPDATE - 9 DEC 2010: I corrected the "type" attribute of the ATOM link above. I also updated the URL to which these Feedburner profiles are directed -- apologies if your reader gets knocked off, as result, although this should not happen.

Also, if you subscribed on 30 NOV 2010, you may need to update your subscription. On 1 DEC 2010, the Feedburner feed name changed from "TheCurlyBrace" to "TheCurlyBraceRSS", to provide distinction between RSS and ATOM feeds.

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