15 July 2010

Format Document - Run Frustrations

I have been using FlowDocument, to create C# training materials, because it looks nice as a presentation, but can include interactive controls embedded in BlockUIContainer.  It looks great, the interactive portions are perfect for the students, and everything is peaches and cream. That is, until I press Ctrl+E Ctrl+D to clean up the XAML using Visual Studio's Format Document tool.

I am using , etc., to reflect the default text colors seen in Visual Studio.  Format Document insists on inserting a white space following every tag.  This does a great job of reducing readability of things like array declarations:

This:  string[] s = new string[]{...}
Becomes: string [] s = new string []{...}

I know one line of code doesn't look like a big deal, but when you have something more complex, such as the following tuple declaration, everything gets jumbled together in a hurry.  This is not good for my students, who are unfamiliar with syntax and proper code formatting.

Tuple < int , string , double , Tuple < string [], int []> > t =
    new Tuple < int , string , double , Tuple < string [], int []> >(
        13, "Friday the 13th", 65.0185d,
        Tuple .Create< string [], int []>(
            new string [] {"Jason", "Freddy", "Michael"},
            new int []{13, 14, 152}

If you have any solutions, please post them here, and I will include it in this post!

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