15 February 2011

The Virtual PC Login Blockade

"Virtual PC Won't Let Me Log In!"

I've heard that one before.  So, you're using Microsoft Virtual PC for quality assurance (QA) testing, or for other use. Things are going fine, until after a reboot of the virtual machine (VM). When it boots, the VM operating system (OS) prompts you to log in. (See image.) No matter what you enter, the machine just won't log in! Even the local administrator credentials won't work.

Now, save your colrful adjectives and four-letter words for when something bad happens, like you get a new, critical requirement at milestone 8 that requires a massive architectural overhaul. (%*@#, indeed.)

Why Virtual PC Will Not Log In

This actually is NOT the GUEST OS asking you to log in.  Virtual PC is asking you to provide login credentials to the HOST OS, for resource sharing purposes.  The reason this is not working is that your host OS is likely using a local (guest OS) user account; because it is a member of a workgroup, and not a member of your Active Directory (AD) domain.  The host is most likely an Active Directory domain account, and a member of the domain.  This creates an account validation disconnect: the guest OS can only see local pr workgroup users, and the host can only see its local and domain users.

How to Log In to Virtual PC

Fortunately, the solution is easy.  Simply disable the Virtual PC Integration  Features.  Do so by selecting the Virtual PC Tools menu, and then click the Disable Integration Features menu item.  The login prompt will instantly disappear, and the guest OS is shown.
Voilá! Il fonctionne!

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  1. But with the integration services disabled you cannot share drives from the host machine or run virtual pc in full screen mode. Is there a way around that?


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