15 December 2011

Pex and Moles to be Visual Studio 11 Feature Set

In true, "I will neither confirm nor deny" Microsoft fashion, a little bird in Redmond informed me that Pex and Moles will have no further releases, because they are being "productized". Another, larger bird stated, "dependency isolation will be taken care of, in Visual Studio 2012," when I asked if Moles and Pex will be rolled into VS 2012.

The Visual Studio 2012 community technical preview (CTP) is available for download to anybody.  However, the Moles and Pex products are not yet integrated into the application.  There are several points of integration the need to be perfected, before adding it.

Note, this VS11 download is a BETA version, and is incomplete.  Many more features are still cooking.  Stability is OK, but use it at your own risk!  Visual Studio 2012 Beta will (should) receive updates from Microsoft Update, to keep it current with the newest release.

(This post is extracted from the Testing with Microsoft Pex and Moles page of this blog.  I felt this information was worth putting in its own post, after sitting in a sidebar, since May 2011.)

UPDATE: Changed the link and name to reflect the Beta release.

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